Sometimes people need to see things from a different perspective to truly appreciate how fragile and precious life is. We can pine over the next big flagship device, or argue why one mobile OS is better than the next. But do acquiring those thing really make our lives that much better? Or is there more to it than Retina displays and 8-megapixel cameras?

Watching this mesmerizing video of the International Space Station orbit around Earth sure makes me think so.

Set to the theme from Sunshine, the time-lapse is a blend of images collected by ISS astronauts and NASA's Johnson Space Center. There's a vitality to seeing our planet from so many miles up, and it really makes the small, trifling things seem utterly meaningless.

The Earth is violent, and destructive, and unpredictable. But it's astonishingly beautiful, and it's important to reflect on that — and technology, and life — every now and then.

[via io9]