EA's latest offering through the On The House program is a game I've never heard of. However, the studio behind this title is one that I know all too well. A masterclass of its established genre and a collective creative mind that left us way too soon.

Nox is the game, to which I can only expect shrugs of confusion. Westwood Studios is the development studio, to which I hear a thousand happy cheers of beloved nostalgia.

Apparently, Westwood found time to crank out its own Diablo clone in between revolutionizing the RTS genre with each Command & Conquer release.

One "dude," three job classes, and lots of clicking. If you love Diablo, you know the drill.

An excellent action/RPG hybrid with very unique gameplay. Your name is Jack Mower, a 20th century dude who just happened to be sucked into the world of Nox via his TV set. The world is in danger and you have to save it! But before you embark on your epic journey you must choose your path: warrior, wizard, or conjurer.

Dunno if I'll play it, but Origin's On The House games always turn out best when they are cult classics or unsung gems, and this is about as unsung as it gets. On The House games only remain free for a random amount of time, so pick it up while you have the chance.

I mean, who can say "No" to this goofy character art? I can't stop laughing at it!


What a nerd! Even through my computer screen, he reeks of cheesy turn-of-the-millennium fantasy art.