Google Glass hasn't yet made it out the masses, but that isn't stopping at lease one U.S. state from already working on a bill that will ban the wearable tech while driving.

A bill known as "H.B. 3057" has been proposed in the West Virginia Legislature that would prohibit "using a wearable computer with head mounted display" while driving. In short, don't expect to be wearing Google Glass while you're driving through West Virginia unless you want to be pulled over by the police.

While we're not overly surprised by this – Todd Haselton and I actually debated if wearing Google Glass while driving was a good idea on the latest episode of Tech on the Range – it's a bit surprising to see it happening this early. Google is still in the middle of developing the device, and those that pre-ordered it last year at Google I/O still haven't even received their units. Despite all this, don't be surprised if we see more states doing this. Whether it's Google Glass or some other company's take on the idea, wearable technology is definitely coming in a big way, and getting the law out there before it happens is definitely the best course of action.