Retail shop H&M handed Wes Anderson, director of The Royal TenenbaumsThe Fantastic Mr. Fox and loads more, money to make a Christmas short. You'll find it above.

The flick echoes The Darjeeling Limited with the presence of Adrien Brody and its train setting. It's also as wonderfully quirky as Anderson's full-length features tend to be. It's great.

Alright, Wes, make a full Christmas movie!

This short really made me think two things: first, it made me yearn to watch Darjeeling Limited and The Grand Budapest Hotel. The former is an underrated flick about riding a train and exploring the world. The second is a well-received film that features some incredible cinematography and some great characters.

The other thing? I find myself wanting Anderson to make a legit Christmas movie. How long has it been since we've had a true Christmas classic? Decades? Home Alone is maybe the closest that comes to that mark, but I wouldn't put it near the likes of Christmas Story or old films like White Christmas or It's a Wonderful Life.

If anyone can crack that rank, it's Anderson. Let's see it!