Expect the stampede toward smartwatches to make those little wrist-worn marvels one of the holiday season's best — and hardest to find — gifts. Thankfully, the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store has you covered with this Bluetooth 3.0 smartwatch for a fraction of the usual price — only $38.99, marked down from the usual $149.99.

This watch handles tasks like the virtual personal assistant that it is. Once you're synced to your smartphone, the watch will send and receive texts, capture pictures or video with its 2-megapixel camera, stream music, and manage tasks and appointments — almost everything your phone can do.

Your watch will double as a top-notch fitness tracker, logging your steps and sleep patterns to help keep you bright, alert, and healthy. And by the way…did we mention this smartwatch tells time too?

It's in-demand tech at a stocking stuffer price, so get a Bluetooth 3.0 smartwatch now for only $38.99, or 74% off its regular price tag. Choose from black and silver models, and get free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.