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Twitch! We're all up on it. Much of the attention this week has been focused on the release of Destiny, and we're going to play much more of that. But today we're also going to be playing some of the new FIFA 15 demo. Everyone knows how much Jon loves soccer, so he can't wait to show off his skills.

There are a lot of big titles coming up, and we'll definitely be playing all of them when they come out. Destiny is one such title—and it's already reportedly selling like gangbusters across the globe. Joining Jon today is TechnoBuffalo's Managing Editor, Roy Choi, who also has a passionate love for soccer.

We're still on our journey to 10k; if we reach our goal by February, Jon will do some unspeakable things on camera. I.e. eat a Ghost Pepper, and maybe some other fun stuff. If you haven't followed our Twitch channel yet, give it a follow so you know right when we go live—and also when we do some nice giveaways.