This holiday season, the gaming department here at TechnoBuffalo is trying out a new method for providing verdicts for the games we cover. We're getting rid of our score system and moving to a simple recommendation.

When you read a game review, the conclusion will advise you with either Buy, Wait or Don't Buy. It's as simple as that.

We'll explain why we personally chose to mark each game with each recommendation, and those explanations will likely further your understanding of our stances. For instance, we might give Super Mario Bros. on the NES a Buy with the explanation that it's a must-own for platforming fans.

You get the drift.

Why the change? It comes for several reasons. First of all, readers have been asking us to drop scores from game reviews ever since we started producing them back with Mass Effect 3. Second, the gaming staff feels that it's almost impossible to slap a number on a product that produces, sometimes, 40 hours of play. Finally, we decided to do this because of the types of games we review.

We typically don't cover inherently bad games simply because of the size of our staff and this site's focus on tech. If we were a gaming specific site, we'd review more minor games from smaller studios that might only earn twos or threes on our old scale. Since we don't cover those games, we typically only touch titles that hover between average and acceptable. That means an entire chunk of our scale remains unused.

With this Buy, Wait and Don't Buy system, we'll be able to skip the minor differences between a 6.5 and a 7 and simply offer a recommendation.

We'll post a call for opinions in January as the holiday season of 2014 fades away. If you folks like the system, hate the system or want to see minor changes implemented, we'll welcome the feedback. Until then, we hope you find our reviews useful in the coming months.