Samsung logo sign

Samsung has already moved on from the Galaxy S II smartphone that it launched last year. We already have the Galaxy S III and even the Galaxy S III Mini. But now a new report suggests the company will backtrack on its family name and re-introduce yet another Galaxy S II-branded handset, dubbed the Galaxy S II Plus. Hold on a minute, didn’t we already have one of those?

AT&T introduced the Galaxy S II and then began selling an LTE-capable Galaxy S II Skyrocket, which was basically the Galaxy S II Plus in my eyes. But apparently it’s going to create a new device that runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box and only comes with 8GB of storage. SamMobile says it has learned that the device will be introduced during the first quarter of next year in white and blue, which suggests it could be announced during Mobile World Congress.

Sure, it’s entirely possible this device will land in emerging markets, but this almost seems like news I would have written up last year, not this year. I’m totally baffled — why would Samsung re-introduce the Galaxy S II line?

[via SamMobile]