If you ate at Wendy's in the past few months, you may want to double check your credit card account. The fast food chain admitted that it's looking into a possible data breach after the news was first reported by KrebsonSecurity.

"We've hired a cybersecurity firm and launched a comprehensive and active investigation that's underway to try to determine the facts," the company said in a statement.

The spokesperson added that Wendy's first received reports of fraud earlier this month, though the issue may date back to late 2015. Wendy's wouldn't say which stores or regions were attacked, but KrebsonSecurity notes that heard about the breach from financial institutions in the Midwest and also on the East coast.

It's also unclear if this issue has already been resolved, or if new customers could still be at risk. For now, the company says it's too soon to "speculate on anything in terms of scope." So if you're hankering for some Wendy's, you should probably just pay with cash until the issue is resolved.