Back in January the Welt made its debut at CES 2016 as part of Samsung’s startup sideshow called Creative Lab Projects. Nine months later the smart belt, which can track your waist size and your steps, has spun off into a separate company. Now it’s popped up on Kickstarter, offering potential customers a chance to grab the new wearable for as little as $69.

Welt looks like a pretty standard leather belt with a square metal frame, and omes in a variety of colors meant to match any outfit. It won’t betray your geeky tendencies so you can wear it in public without attracting attention like you would with a wrist-based fitness tracker. But this smart belt still comes packed with plenty of technology, including Bluetooth, an accelerometer and a 90mAh battery that lasts 20 days per charge.

Using those sensors, Welt can track your activity and health in a variety of ways. A special magnetic sensor built into the buckle tracks how tight you wear your belt and lets you know if it notices any changes. It can even track changes occurring over short periods of time (as little as 30 minutes). So if you eat too much Welt will quickly notice your waist expanding. The pedometer can track your steps and calculate calories burned. The belt even knows if you stay seated for too long and tells you to stand up.

The company’s app for Android or iOS automatically organizes all that information on a single screen so you can understand it easily. You’ll see graphs based on daily, weekly and monthly data to help show your progress. The app also automatically sets health goals based on your body type and gets smarter over time the more you use it.

You can pre-order Welt Casual (the cheapest version) on Kickstarter for as little as $69 in burgundy, light brown, beige or morange (red) and it should arrive in January. There’s also the $99 Welt Classic in black or blue for men and beige or light brown for women. Finally, Welt Premium is available for $129 in two versions of blue (Cobalt Sea or Cerulean Wave) with special textured leather designs. If you want multiple belts in different colors to match various outfits that’s also an option, and the company is offering some bulk order discounts.

Welt says it still has close ties to Samsung, and the technology was developed before the company decided to spin off. So there shouldn’t be much of a risk pre-ordering this gadget on Kickstarter, though delays are still possible.