January saw the release of the high definition remake of the original Resident Evil, and this week we have a full walkthrough of Resident Evil 2.

Sadly, we're never going to get to play it.

As a way of learning Unreal Engine 3, Resident Evil fan Rod Lima rebuilt one of his favorite games from scratch in Epic's popular game engine. The game is built using assets from Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles and, presumably, Resident Evil 2 itself, and Lima says in his disclaimer, "I own nothing here except the Unreal script that I wrote. Everything else belongs to their respective owners."

Resident Evil 2 had a big impact on me when it came out. I'd played the first, but this one was what really got me into the series until Resident Evil 6 made me seriously rethink that fourteen years later. I'd love to see Capcom give this game the same treatment it gave the original, especially with Resident Evil Revelations 2 focusing on Claire Redfield again.