It’s one of the oldest and most heated debates in mobile, and even in a market flooded with superphones, fanboys are no closer to reaching an agreement. No, I’m not talking about whether iOS or Android is better. I’m talking about whether or not a phone should be protected inside of a case, or if it should just be naked. Me? Cases are for suckers.

Phones have become objects of our desire, beautiful technology we like to show off and wield like glittering diamonds. So why suffocate the beauty of a OnePlus X with a case? Why slather obnoxious makeup over the natural grace of a Galaxy S6?

Listen, I get why cases are necessary, especially among the clumsier of smartphone owners. (My girlfriend’s phone has been saved more than once by a case.) But I still prefer the cold feeling of aluminum, the way my iPhone 6 easily slides in an out of my pocket. And it just feels better without the added bulk of a case, which often masks the charm of a good design.

You’re not going to buy a Ferrari and then wrap it in a rubber protective suit.

If you have a case over your phone right now, fine, great. Use it and let it protect your phone. I like to think that I’m careful enough to protect my phone from daily harm not to need one—at least until that day comes when my phone shatters on the concrete.

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone case, this isn’t the post for you. Instead, we thought it would be fun to explore the wild world of smartphone cases and see what it would actually be like to use one. A banana case? One that looks like a large human ear? Why not?

What about an iPhone case that’s the price of a computer? Check out the video above to see what something like that looks like.