Welcome to this brand-spankin’-new TechnoBuffalo feature we’re going to try and run once every week. We’ve got ourselves an outstanding, talkative community and we’re looking to harness that and spur it along with a weekly debate topic.

So, every Friday, I’ll toss up a debatable challenge, you folks will vote and discuss. I’ll also be posting the results of the previous week’s poll with a little editorialization on the results.

Happy weekend!

This week’s discussion, as we continue to establish an understanding of the gamer base at TechnoBuffalo, will be centered around which gaming platform you folks prefer. We’ve broken the selections down so that you can choose more than one option, so you should be able to pick your platform needs accurately.

We’re also disregarding mobile gaming here, simply because we’ve already had a poll centered around the topic.

Before we get to that, let’s go over last week’s results! We asked you where you stand on motion control in gaming. From the Nintendo Wii to the Xbox 360’s Kinect and the PlayStation 3’s Move, one of the undeniable trends of this generation has been the advent of motion control.

But do you readers care? Here are your results. Where do you stand on motion control?

Well …what a bunch of apathetic gamers you are!

I simply love the fact that the most negative response is the one that owned the smallest share of votes. Motion control hasn’t made friends with everyone, but it’s good to see that you lot are mostly either in favor or complete disregard of the functionality.

Personally, I don’t care. Some games deliver it well, other games stand as a mockery of gaming design. When motion control amounts to nothing more than a swap for a button press, that’s when I hate it. So, for instance, when shaking the controller is used instead of a simple button press, I’m turned off.

Motion control is all about immersion; however, jumps, twirls and sword swipes are not performed by simple waggles. 1:1 motion is necessary in facilitating a great use of the control scheme, otherwise, motion control can be a frustrating bore.

When it’s done properly, though, games can be incredible. We love the action in titles like Dance Central, Tiger Woods or The Gunstringer. Moreover, the upcoming Wii MotionPlus enabled Zelda: Skyward Sword looks like it will completely blow our minds.

We love that.

On to this week’s question! Which gaming platforms do you prefer?