weBoost announced Monday that the eqo Booster, first announced in January, is now available for purchase online and from retailers around the U.S., including Best Buy and Amazon. The eqo Booster helps improve your wireless signal in areas where you otherwise have poor performance. Since I live on the 29th story of an apartment building and can rarely place phone calls, I asked to check one out.

The eqo Booster is simple in its execution. weBoost sent us a unit to try out over the weekend and, while we’ll need more time to determine its performance over time, the product was easy to setup and worked out of the box.

You’ll find an amplifier and an antenna in the box that need to be connected to a coax cable and spaced at least 8 feet apart. Setup is finished after you’ve connected the amplifier and plugged the antenna in, so there’s no exaggeration to weBoost’s claims that it takes just a minute to get up and running. Anyone can do this, even with little or no knowledge of antennas and cell boosters.

I noticed that my AT&T signal increased from a single bar to three bars in my home office, but, oddly, my wife’s Verizon phone didn’t see the same boost in performance. The eqo Booster works with every network in the United States, however, so I’ll take some time to troubleshoot this over the coming days. CDMA signals are usually pretty weak this high up and inside of buildings as it is, so there might not actually be much of a signal to boost in the first place.

If you need a boost for yourself, you can grab the weBoost eqo Booster for $349.99 today.