Well here's another take on wearable technology, but this time, it's not just a demure little piece of hardware slapped over the wrist or eyes, but a full-fledged, digitally connected shirt.

tshirtOS, from London-based Cutecircuit and Scotch whiskey distillers Ballantine's, is a wearable, washable, programmable tee for people who want more options for expressing themselves. With an iOS app and the Internet, users can put Tweets, pics and more on view right across the torso. And with the built-in camera, microphone, accelerometer and speakers, it can even do stuff like take pics and share music.

The product is still in prototype, however (and according to the creators, it's a pricey one at that), but if demand is high, production runs can bring the cost down. Toward that end, Ballantine's and Cutecircuit are appealing to the masses to show their interest (here) and share the news. (And while you're at it, you may want to introduce these folks to Kickstarter. Jussayin'.)

What do you think of tshirtOS? Is there a market for this, and could you think of any creative uses for it?