Your smartwatch is powerful, but it could probably be much smarter. If you have a timepiece powered by Wear OS, soon you could be appreciating the benefits of a full-blown digital assistant.

Google has announced that its digital assistant, which has been on wearables since last year, is gaining new features that focus on convenience.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been so important for Google in recent years, so it’s making both more prominent on Wear OS. Google Assistant can now display smart suggestions on a smartwatch. Need to know the weather? The digital assistant will show the forecast, but then there are suggestions to see the forecast for tonight, tomorrow, and the weekend.

Wear OS will also have Google Assistant feed audio-based responses via a smartwatch’s speaker or a Bluetooth-connected accessory. It’s better than having to read lengthier notifications from the digital assistant on a compact display.

Actions, tasks performed by Google Assistant, are also making their way over to smartwatches. Over 1 million Actions are live already, and all of them will be on Wear OS. This feature allows you to instruct Google Assistant to complete a task like preheating an oven using just your voice.

In case you forgot, Wear OS is the new name for Android Wear. Google unveiled the rebranding two months ago in an effort to seem more neutral to both Android and iOS.

There won’t be a long wait for these features to hit your smartwatch. Rather than making users wait weeks or months, Google says an update for Google Assistant on Wear OS will be rolling out “over the next several days.” We’re still hoping, however, that Google gives Wear OS a significant upgrade during I/O 2018.

Throughout the developer conference that kicks off on May 8, Google will showcase the latest from Wear OS and its other products.