Polaroid’s interesting new mirrorless Android-equipped camera made an appearance on the Pepcom demo floor yesterday evening (in prototype form, the company stressed), and it was… worse than expected. We didn’t exactly see it strut its stuff—we merely got to touch and prod it—so it’s difficult to give a super clean verdict on how it performs. It sure looked neat.

When I picked it up, it felt—how can I put this nicely?—cheap. Like I just purchased a disposable camera from CVS. And that touchscreen was, well, it didn’t cooperate with my fingers. I thought it was frozen, but it wasn’t. Again, this is a prototype device so what Polaroid bravely demoed at Pepcom definitely isn’t he final product.

But hey, let’s focus on the promise of this device for a second: Android 4.1, Wi-Fi, mirrorless body (with the camera’s sensor inside the lens, Polaroid said), 3.5-inch display, and a price tag of $399. Lens swapping and a cheap(ish) price is a good enough reason to take notice. Hopefully the company can quickly work out the kinks and show of a final working product soon.