apple-ios-6-maps-apocalypseApple’s iOS 6 is out, meaning millions of people are currently toying with the company’s new mobile prince. That’s good! Except when one of your biggest features is nothing like the outgoing one. We miss Google Maps already.

According to numerous tweets, it’s quite apparent Apple only half-baked its maps application before unleashing it upon the world. It was always likely a few bugs would be present on the way to becoming a viable replacement for Google Maps, but this is just nutty. Some stuff just looks so melty and awfully rendered. Already there’s a hashtag growing with increased frequency on Twitter: io6pocalypse. Don’t understand the reference? The pictures speak a thousand words.

Check out Gizmodo for even more examples, including one between Google’s Street View and Apple’s Flyover capabilities. Even though the new maps hasn’t even been out for 24 hours, you can bet plenty of people are already nostalgic for what Google had to offer. Let’s hope the search giant releases a standalone iOS app soon.

[via Gizmodo]