The introduction of beta testing for Waze on Android Auto two months ago stirred up hope it would soon be open to the general public. That has since turned into doubt with little progress being made. But there is new information regarding Waze on Android Auto that may reignite hope.

According to 9to5Google, an anonymous source revealed beta testers have been given new instructions via email on how to use the beta version for Android Auto. Among the notable details revealed, the most telling was that Waze is stripping down the Android Auto version of some features to work better on a car interface. The report doesn't get into details about which features were axed.

The email also revealed that beta users need to use a hardwire connection to make it work. To use Android Auto right now, you have to connect your phone either via microUSB or USB-C. Unfortunately, a wireless method is not arriving any time soon.

After two months of no news, its good to see some progress being made. It's not as satisfying as a concrete date for a wider consumer launch, but we'll take what we can get. Hopefully more progress is made and we see Waze for Android Auto available in the coming months.