When Tesla unveiled the Model 3 last March, one of the most controversial details of it was the lack of instrument cluster in front of the driver. This was fueled by the lack of details Tesla revealed in the subsequent time. That’s changed now as we have our first look at how the center console will integrate driving information and the normal car details on the same display.

An Electrek commentator used past images of prototypes of the center console to recreate a render how it will look. It pretty much breaks down the display into two sections: the left side will display relevant information to the driver that will adapt to the driving method. If in park, the picture shows off the car with info about the doors, battery and drive mode. We don’t see in drive, but we can assume it’ll display information about the speeds, range and other relevant details.

The rendered image shows off the left side displaying developer information. But once it makes it out to consumers, it’ll most likely display information like the radio, back-up camera and the navigation screen.

On the bottom of the display is the control bar that features direct controls for the seats, A/C system and settings as well as icons for the phone connection, music panel and navigation system.

Overall, it features a simialr design to what is found in the current Model S and X, just with a few tweaks to incorporate the instrument cluster into it. From the previous images we’ve seen, it’ll also be closer to the driver than otherwise thought. It won’t be as far away as the Model S’ (or X’s) 17-inch display that’s a few inches away from the driver. The Model 3’s center display will be right next to the driver, which means they won’t need to take their eyes off the road to see important information.

We’ll find out more once Tesla unveils the final production version of the Model 3 next month.