A few weeks back, we had a quick set of teaser images for the next game from Compulsion Games, the makers of Contrast. That game now has a name and a new trailer, and it looks absolutely creepy.

We Happy Few has now been officially announced, and it looks like Compulsion is targeting PCs and consoles for the title, though it isn’t being specific about the latter.

This game will feature a really strange Utopian society bound with odd 60s aesthetics, drug use and British humor. As the trailer reveals, all’s well and good until you stop following societies rules. Then they turn on you, and that’s when those creepy masks and that cheery music turns very dark and very violent.

Hey! Good news! Compulsion will have an exceptionally early preview build playable for all convention goers at PAX East next week. Even further, we already made an appointment to check out the game ourselves. Hooray for us! I’m glad it looks this good, to be honest.

Expect our preview coverage next week. We’ll try and line up some interviews down the line as well.

What do you think of We Happy Few so far?