Some big new Star Wars: Rogue One details have been shared online, and while none of it pertains to plot, the information still helps piece this mysterious puzzle together.

As always, beware of spoilers, although, to be fair, this is the kind of information you’d get from a trailer.

According to JoBlo, Darth Vader will indeed appear in Rogue One, and have a role that’s much more prominent than originally thought. Considering how important the original trilogy’s characters were in The Force Awakens, it’s no surprise to hear Disney is exploring ways to use past characters once again, especially one as popular as Darth Vader. Sounds like he’ll be terrorizing the galaxy quite a bit when Rogue One hits.

Meanwhile, JoBlo says the spinoff will feature “Death Troopers” dressed in all black, and a new droid that’s apparently quite the scene stealer.

“It was originally an empire droid and has been repurposed to serve the rebel alliance,” according to JoBlo. “He’s two-legged and a dark grey or black color. In terms of appearance, the droid has long arms and legs and is very different [from] a typical protocol droid like C-3PO.”

There are a few more details over at JoBlo, so head over there if you want to know more. With the dust beginning to settle around The Force Awakens, hopefully Disney will begin revealing more about its upcoming spinoff. You can only look at the single cast photo (above) for so long.