Like the sound of your voice and think you can do better than Morgan Freeman? By all means, start giving yourself directions using Waze's latest feature, which allows users to give themselves turn-by-turn directions.

In an update to Waze's Android app, a new feature makes it super easy to record turn-by-turn phrases, including "Turn right," "Stop," and more. In total, it's possible to record 39 common phrases used by Waze.

That being said, it's unclear who this feature is for unless you really think your voice is that good. (Come on, we all hate hearing our own voice.) Perhaps it's for parents who want their kids to provide them with turn-by-turn navigation—or perhaps it's for people who want creative ways to prank their friends.

I'm sure there will be some awesome pranks to come out of this.

Introducing the Waze voice recorder! Record your own voice directions to guide you on the road. In your Waze settings, tap Sound & voice to access Voice recorder, and get your kids and friends to record a favorite voice style.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, the feature is perfectly suited to soundboards. I can already see people turning the phrase "Turn right" into "Get down!" as said by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Unfortunately, the Waze directions you choose to record can't be shared with friends, which is no fun at all.

No word on whether the feature is coming to iOS in the future.