google waze

Waze, the popular social mapping application available on iOS and Android that's now owned by Google, was recently updated with an amazing new feature. The application is now capable of syncing right up with your calendar, which means you'll be able to simply open up your calendar, tap the location you entered previously, and jump right into navigation with Waze.

The update, which hits iOS and Android today, should allow you to spot road conditions before you even walk out the door. Say you're heading to a meeting downtown, for example, and you have the location to the nearest Applebee's – where the meeting will take place – saved ahead of time. When your calendar alert pops up, simply tap the address, and you'll immediately see the best route to get there. Waze, as usual, will show you where users are reporting accidents, traffic, poor road conditions and more.

It might seem like a minor tweak, but it's actually a pretty great new feature for anyone who relies on Waze to find the best route in an unknown area. You can find links to the app downloads below or, if you already have it installed, simply hit the update button in Google Play or the iTunes App Store.