If you follow the smaller world of gaming, you're probably familiar with WayForward. The developer has a penchant for taking retro ideas and mechanics and turning them into full, modern and enjoyable games. They're responsible for the likes of Mighty Switch ForceDucktales Remastered, and the Shantae series.

Amazon Game Studios apparently approached WayForward to create a game exclusively for the Fire Phone. They let them chase down Til Morning's Light, a game that WayForwdard's Adam Tierney has had his heart set on doing for five years.

That's the trailer you see above. It's for Til Morning's Light, a game that will sell exclusively for the Fire Phone when it's finished development. Here's how the game is officially described by Amazon Game Studios on YouTube:

Set in a haunted New England mansion afflicted by a 200-year-old curse, Til Morning's Light is a touch-based, action-adventure game focused on exploration, puzzle solving and combat. After being locked inside the mansion by bullying schoolmates, Erica soon discovers she is in a race against the clock and must figure out how to break the curse by dawn to avoid spending eternity in the mansion. Using Fire phone Dynamic Perspective, players guide Erica through a fright-filled night complete with ghosts, strange creatures and a host of mysteries to solve.

It looks interesting, though it likely won't sell as well as Amazon hopes given the current state of the Fire Phone. This is exclusive to that platform, so we won't see it on the Kindle line of tablets. At least, not yet.