Keita Takahashi, creator of the Katamari Damacy franchise, is taking a break from designing dreamlike Japanese playgrounds to take another stab at video games. Together with Sony and indie developer Funomena, he will be using the PlayStation 4 to power his latest game, Wattam

…a game about holding hands.

At least that is what is looks like from the debut footage. Much like Katamari Damacy and his other weird game Noby Noby Boy, the action of Wattam unfolds on a single plane. You control a green cube character called the mayor, and it is your job to make sure everyone is happy. Mow the flowers and make them pretty, grow trees by getting your residents to hold hands around a sapling, cheer as it explodes into the sky!

Yes, the Mayor can cause a “happy” explosion which sends his new friends sky high in a glorious pillar of colorful smoke, and doing this expands his world and invites new friends take take control of and experiment with. Food, like coffee and sushi, show up. A turn-table drops by and can throw a sweet rave party for your guest to break down to. Polygon claims that you’ll even be able to unlock Golden Poop to come and join you in 90 minute a soccer match.

It’s a simple premise that is bound to leave a few heads being scratched.

Like Takahashi’s other games, it’s more of a toy box than an actual game. A playground where you just mess around with the different functions of each friend and find your own fun. After all, designing playgrounds and toys is Takahashi’s other trade in life. It makes perfect sense.

Be sure to check out Polygon’s gameplay footage whether you need it to make sense or you just want to see this silly game in action. Wattam will launch for the PlayStation 4 with no release date yet available.