Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have revealed a brand new Pokémon. Its name is Volcanion, and it’s the first combination Water and Fire Type Pokémon. That combination means that Volcanion “uses fire and water to create steam within its body, expelling explosive shock waves and scalding steam from the arms on its back.” We have no idea what that means for actual gameplay, of course.

Now, this Pokémon will appear in Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X and Y. How? We’re not sure. The press release and site indicate that you won’t be able to find or catch Volcanion “during normal gameplay.”

So, how do you get the crazy beast packing power that’s “said to be so great it can destroy an entire mountain, gouging out the earth and changing the shape of the land!?” The presser says you should keep an eye on Pokémon social media channels and its official site.

Stay tuned for more. It’s worth noting that fans found Volcanion in a leak a few years back, but today mark’s its official unveiling.