watchOS 5.1 was rolling out this week, but Apple already pulled the software update after some Apple Watch owners experienced a not-so-simple bug.

Your Apple Watch could get bricked once watchOS 5.1 downloads and installs. Multiple owners are saying that, after restarting their devices, there’s nothing but an Apple logo to show. The affected units aren’t getting past that, leaving the user with a useless smartwatch.

So far, there isn’t a workaround. The Apple Watch, no matter the model, can’t overcome this. Fortunately, not all units are getting bricked. Some are lucky, others not so much.

Apple hasn’t said anything about the issue, but it did pull the software update in an effort to prevent worsening the severity. If your Apple Watch was bricked from watchOS 5.1, we recommend getting in touch with Apple Support as soon as possible.

Just wait for Apple to re-release watchOS 5.1 if you haven’t downloaded and installed it yet. In the coming days, we should see a tweaked version that won’t damage the Apple Watch.