Apple has unveiled the first details for watchOS 6, which will arrive as a free update this fall. Among the new features are new watch faces, enhanced Siri, and an App Store, so you can browse apps straight from your wrist. What else is coming in watchOS 6? We're glad you asked.

Stylish new watch faces

It wouldn't be any fun if Apple didn't unveil new watch faces. The new faces range from functional to stylish and includes one called California Dial, which features a timeless analog design.

  • Gradient face
  • Digital face
  • California Dial
  • Solar face
  • Modular compact

You can choose to add complications or have no complications at all—there's even an option to make your watch face monochrome for a two-tone look.

Apple is also introducing new complications, including info for voice memos, wind, rain, and noise.

Enhanced Siri

Siri is being greatly improved in iOS 13, and watchOS 6 is bringing improvements, too. If you have an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity, Siri and Shazam will tell you what song is playing. Just say, "What song is this?"

You can also ask Siri about certain topics right from your watch. For example, you can ask Apple Watch how to run a marathon and Siri will produce results you can scroll through.

Browse the App Store

In watchOS 6, Apple is bringing the App Store to your wrist. Now, you'll be able to browse tens of thousands of apps without your phone—and you can download them, too.

Apple says the App Store in watchOS 6 will feature curated collections, so you can discover new apps to try. If you want to search for an app, simply use scribble or dictation.

Independent apps

Apps in watchOS 6 won't require a companion iPhone app. That means developers will be given the tools to create apps only for Apple Watch if they so choose. It's a welcome addition, because it makes the Apple Watch much less reliant on a companion device.

More health features

The Apple Watch has evolved into an incredible health tool, so it's no surprise new health features are coming in watchOS 6.

Activity Trends

One of the big new features is Activity Trends, which will show whether your fitness metrics are trending up or down. The feature should help keep Apple Watch users accountable and make changes as needed.

Cycle Tracking

WatchOS 6 also introduces cycle tracking. The feature is being designed to help users track irregularities, symptoms, and more. You'll also get information about your fertile window, which is helpful if you're trying to conceive.

Hearing Health

When you're an environment with a lot of noise, your Apple Watch will give you a warning. "Noise levels can rise to levels that may damage your hearing without your even realizing it." If you're exposed to noise at 90 dB for 20 minutes, for example, you can experience temporary hearing loss.

And much more

That's not all in watchOS 6. In addition to the features listed above, Apple is also introducing smart guidance in Maps, a redesigned Walkie-Talkie, the ability to mute Mail threads, and even automatic software updates.

If you want to see if your Apple Watch is compatible with watchOS 6, check out the link below.

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