HBO released the first trailer for its upcoming Watchmen TV Series and it looks like a trippy ride. Based on the comic book by Alan Moore, the series is based on a group of superheroes that are forced to go into retirement by the government but then stage a comeback in a disillusioned world.

That last description seems to be exactly what the HBO series is going for because it looks bleak. We don't get too many details about the plot, only seeing swift and fast cuts between a multitude of characters we know nothing about.

Major characters like Rorschach do make an appearance. We also get brief glimpses of Regina King, Jeremy Irons and Jean Smart, who are leading the series.

It definitely looks stylistic, matching the tone set by the comic book series, however, it looks very different from the 2009 live action movie by Zack Snyder. That shouldn't be surprising. This new take is a reimagining, so it'll definitely take its liberties with the source material.

Watchmen will arrive on HBO in the fall.