Earlier this week, a beautiful GIF caught my eye while I was cruising Reddit during my downtime. It featured a ski lift in its assembly phase, complete with a massive helicopter lowering it into place as a few guys guided the lift onto its base.

I immediately dove into the comment section and found this, a video from 2011 that makes for some perfect weekend viewing over a cup of coffee or a glass of beer (or water, or whatever, I'm not your boss). Dig in.

I didn't personally start skiing until around 2003. I went to a mountain in the Poconos on a college trip and learned there. By my senior year, I was in Durango, Colorado, considering single black diamonds with my then girlfriend (now wife) and her brother. Skiing is unbelievable, and riding lifts is an incredibly calming part of it.

I have an even better appreciation for them after watching this clip.