Watch_Dogs‘ recreation of Chicago is “a city of big shoulders and hyper ambitions.” The unique graphic engine built specifically for the game ensures that the city seems almost lifelike in its presentation and that each NPC is unlike any other you might come across.

Ubisoft’s new “Welcome to Chicago” trailer shows off a whole new wave of ideas from lighting to weather, and of course, the interconnectivity of the city. In real life, Chicago is the most surveilled city in America, meaning that the digital connections between everything in this game is not so hard to believe. Protagonist Aiden Pierce is able to hack and manipulate whatever he desires with complete control over the system.

Random NPCs can lead to side quests and even killing the wrong one can put a bounty on your head, leading to run-ins with potential hitmen. The police will certainly track you down if you commit crimes, but any one of the cities thousands of camera can take your picture and display it all over the news, making even citizens recognize you and act according to their AI. Will they run or join the police in trying to apprehend you?

Watch_Dogs puts the power of the city in your hands and asks you what you will do with it. Nice tagline for the game. I’m excited, but worried at the same time about its troubled development and delays. I hope it is able to reach the ambitions Ubisoft has set for it.

Watch_Dogs will be released on May 27 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. A Wii U version will follow on an unspecified date.

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