Watch_Dogs - 1

Destiny is going on a tear throughout the video game world, sealing up records as the fastest selling new video game franchise in both the United States and in the UK. There's no getting around that this game is about as huge as they come.

However, don't expect the same results throughout the rest of the world. France based Ubisoft was quick to point out that, according to GfK data, its mega hit Watch_Dogs from earlier this year still holds the record in mainland Europe.

"Congratulations to Activision and Bungie for taking the title in North America and the UK, but Watch Dogs is still going strong and we're proud of everything that the Watch Dogs team has accomplished so far."

What's the big deal, mainland Europe? Get with the program! Trying to protect The Union? Giving Ubisoft home field advantage or something?

Who do you think you are? Japan!?

You have to wonder what the deal breaker is here. It's pretty easy to point to Watch_Dogs being available at launch on all four major consoles and the PC. Destiny didn't aim for that PC release and only released on consoles, but that didn't slow its growth in other markets. Does mainland Europe have more PC gamers, or have some countries not come around to the next-gen consoles yet?

Something tells me that nobody at Activision is losing any sleep over not adding this trophy onto its crowded shelf, though. Not enough room with all that cash just sitting around.