Watch_Dogs is back in the spotlight this week thanks to a controversial graphics downgrade and reports that the game’s reveal was forced too soon. While the graphics might have taken a hit since the reveal and untimely delay, the game’s content has only gotten bigger.

Following changes made by the Australian Classification Board’s rating, Ubisoft confirmed with VG247 that the Watch_Dogs had undergone some tweaks since the announced delay, giving them more time to add more content.

“The entire development team has been working hard to polish and fine tune Watch Dogs in order to deliver a truly memorable open world game. In parallel, the extra time also allowed the team to include a bit of additional content.

As per Australian classification guidelines, Ubisoft resubmitted the updated version with the added content to the Australian Classification Board (ACB). The decision to amend the rating of the game from MA15+ to R18+ was made by the ACB.”

So not only has new content been added, but it was risque enough to boost the game’s rating an entire level. Interesting. The addition of content feels remarkably similar to Ubisoft’s delay with Rayman Legends which saw a crop of new levels arise due to the extended development period.

Creative Director Jonathan Morin also took to Twitter to respond to fan questions, and he found himself confirming the game’s length in the meantime.

35-40 hours to beat the game with 100 hours for completionists. So while the graphics might not exactly have told the whole truth about the game up until this point, the content and length seem to be honestly hovering around where you expect. Anybody else not digging this trend of dishonest trailers?

Watch_Dogs will be released worldwide on May 27 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. The Wii U version’s release date has not yet been announced.

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