Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot had hinted at last year’s E3 that their latest new IP, Watch_Dogs, would be running on next-generation technology, but it was confirmed last night that it will be released for the PlayStation 4.

The open-world game is set in the far future in a world that has seen the emergence of “Smart Cities” where everything within them is interconnected. Playing as a hacker, you can play the hero or villain by using a smartphone for small jobs like messing with traffic lights, robbing an ATM, or as in the demo shown at the PlayStation 4 press conference tonight, detonating the environment to slow down a mugger and beating him senseless with a stick.

Watch_Dogs stole the press’ heart as one of the few original franchises to emerge from E3 2012. Shortly after the PlayStation 4 press conference, Ubisoft also confirmed in a press release that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Wii U. Both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions had already been confirmed.

More to come as this interesting title continues to take shape.