According to a post on Reddit, Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world game Watch_Dogs briefly appeared on the Xbox One marketplace.

The listing is gone now, but Reddit user mouse2012 found it while searching through Xbox Live’s Upload app for clips, pictured below.


From there, another user found the listing, which has the game as a 23GB download with up to 8 players in the online mode, something Ubisoft recently confirmed. The Upload instance wasn’t accessible, and neither was the listing for the beta itself. It’s fair to think, that with barely two months until the game’s release, that the team is probably heavily testing the online component of the game to make sure it works, so it’s likely that this is a real image.

Watch_Dogs is set for a May 27 release, delayed from its launch last November, and is coming to both current and previous generations of Xbox and PlayStation as well as the PC. A Wii U version is slated to arrive later.

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