It looks like Sony is gearing up for another wave of ads regarding the PlayStation 4. Rather than the console itself, this new campaign centers around the sharing functionality of the platform.

Two brand new adverts have dropped from the console and games maker, and they should be running on a TV near you in the coming days and weeks.

First up is the Watch_Dogs clip, which you see at the head of this post. There's a bit of hacking, combat and driving shown off.

Next comes Destiny. It's odd that they chose this game for the campaign, in my book, seeing that the game doesn't come out for six months. But, hey.

Both clips are awesome. I especially love the silly, whimsical song choice that accompanies all the violent action on screen. It works in the goofiest ways.

The sharing functionality is a huge part of what makes this new generation of gaming so special. These commercials are great evidence of that fact.