AT&T’s NumberSync technology, which will allow secondary connected devices such as smartwatches to share a number with a smartphone line, will first work with the LG Watch Urbane 2 and Samsung Gear S2, AT&T said Monday.

AT&T first introduced NumberSync in mid-October, and it should help alleviate headaches among consumers planning to buy the next wave of connected devices. Take the Watch Urbane 2, for example, which will allow users to receive and place phone calls when a user’s smartphone isn’t nearby.

With a separate number, family members and friends might not know whether to call someone’s smartwatch or their smartphone; NumberSync takes that conundrum out of the equation. NumberSync also works for text messages.

The technology will be available first for the Samsung Gear S2, AT&T said, which will hit AT&T stores on Nov. 20. The Watch Urbane 2 is set to launch in “early 2016,” AT&T said.