Google IO 2011 LogoIt's day 2 of Google I/O, and once again Google will be livestreaming the keynote as well some of the events on the conference homepage starting at 9:30 PST. Yesterday brought the announcement of Google Music Beta, Google Movie Streaming, Ice Cream Sandwich, and a new world of Android @ Home products. Rumor has it today's keynote may feature a new Chrome laptop.

If you can't watch the keynote yourself, we'll be keeping track of the event all day – you can check out our special Google I/O page for a quick rundown of all our coverage (and to catch up on anything you missed yesterday).

Our own Noah Kravitz will also be on the scene today. You can follow his thoughts on the conference (and everything else) in real time on Twitter @noahkravitz. Check out his thoughts on yesterday's announcements here.

What are some of your thoughts on yesterday's I/O? What are you hoping to see today?