Last month, one intrepid developer figured out how to bring iPhone notifications to his Android Wear device. Now, he’s back with a new hack that lets the Google-powered smartwatch accept incoming iPhone calls as well.

A new YouTube video from Mohammed Abu-Garbeyyeh shows his Moto 360 light up to display an incoming FaceTime audio call and accept it with a quick swipe. The gesture looks pretty natural, though it’s been automated here so you can see the animation unobstructed by the developer’s fingers.

Like before, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone for this to work, though you’ll need to install a special APK in Android Wear so it works with Apple’s notification system. Abu-Garbeyyeh hasn’t actually released his hack to the public just yet, presumably because he’s still perfecting the final version.

Rumor has it Google is also working on an official version of Android Wear with iOS support, but until that happens we’re counting on developers like Abu-Garbeyyeh to help bridge the gap. We’ll let you know once it’s publicly available,. You can check out the action in the video below.