The Souls series is notorious for being two things: exceptionally tough and very well made.

Its brutality drew a lot of gamers to it with Demon Souls. Dark Souls, so fans have told me, did a wonderful job of making that formula even better. It’s hard but fair, and the mechanics make it both pleasing and addictive.

The React YouTube channel has posted a Teens React clip featuring Dark Souls on the PC.

Honestly, for as tough as the game is and as much as these teens lost, they took it all really well. I know plenty of adults who would have thrown controllers and stormed out a few times there, but these kids were on it and calm. That’s pretty awesome.

I’ve still yet to try the Souls series. I know it’s something that demands a lot of time from gamers, and time is a commodity I’m regularly short on. That said, Bloodborne has piqued my interest. Friends have said it’s a great place to sample From Software’s offerings, so I might pick it up.

What do you think? Speak for my wallet!