Look in the back of any UPS or FedEx truck and there's a good chance many of those packages have the Amazon logo splashed on the side. It's no wonder that rumors are swirling that Amazon might soon try to take on major shipping companies with its own service. The project is dubbed "Aerosmith" according to some reports, and a new one suggests Amazon now has a fleet of planes.

According to The Seattle Times, Amazon recently leased 20 Boeing 767s in a bid to kick off its own shipping service. The reason? Amazon doesn't want to deal with third party shippers any longer, which can cause delays to consumers and aren't always able to "keep up" with Amazon's growth, The Seattle Times explained.

Some planes are already in the air, though they aren't flying under the Amazon brand. Instead, they're flying under two Amazon subsidiaries, The Seattle Times said, including ABX Air and Air Transport International.

This might just be a test, but Amazon apparently has big plans to kick off the business as soon as next month. "I believe they are serious about looking at this," one source told The Seattle Times "They are not going to hang about."

For consumers, the end result might mean more accurate tracking — it seems like Amazon is the kind of company that would be able to share up to the minute details on a package — more accurate delivery windows and faster shipping times.