If you've ever had the chance to drop down even an intermediate level mountain biking course, you know firsthand how awesome the experience can be. Now, us internet folk can check out a 360-degree perspective of a competitor named Brendan Fairclough in the UCI World Cup Downhill event in Hafjell, Norway.

Control the camera angle in the video with either your mouse or keyboard. My money is on using your arrow keys for a much smoother experience.

The company responsible for the 360-degree camera tech is Making View. This isn't something that's available to normal consumers, as Making View indicates that they will have quotes available to companies interested in their services. For now, the tech is set to be used for commercial tools.

The video above was obviously meant to show off Red Bull's biking team, as well as Red Bull itself.

Could this be the future of GoPro Camera style tech?

[via RedBullUSA.com]