We live in a world where a late night talk show host plays video games and makes jokes alongside guests that run the gamut from athletes to actors and supermodels. Here we have Conan O’Brien playing Cuphead with Kate Upton.

Really. But, hey, it’s fine. Conan runs with the gag in his usual fashion, so enjoy.

As far as Clueless Gamer segments go, this one was among the worst. Upton’s fine, but Conan drags the joke along for the entire video. We see maybe a minute of actual Cuphead gameplay over the course of the clip.

I’m pumped for Cuphead, and I think national attention on a show like Conan could be awesome for the title that was made by an exceptionally small team. I’m not sure if this clip did the game many favors.

What’s especially interesting is the comment section for the video on YouTube. It’s a parade of folks marking the episode as terrible, despite the high like to dislike ratio.