You kids can keep your fancy schmancy GameStation 4s and your eXbox Ones! A trio of Netflix employees has a new version of the popular streaming site for us old timers up and running on an unmodified NES.

In celebration of Netflix's "Hack Day,"  engineers Guy Cirino, Alex Wolfe and Carenina Motion created darNES, a hacked NES cart which allows viewers to "stream" Netflix directly into Nintendo's classic gaming console. Funny, because the console never had a modem. Their special version comes with a handful of features found on the actual version of Netflix, including recommendations and a synopsis of every film and show available.

Speaking of which, what about that selection? This version sports Netflix originals that are not yet available like Adam Sandler's Ridiculous Six and even Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2! Alex and Guy take a moment to show off the most exciting addition to Netflix, though: the intro sequence to House of Cards rendered perfectly… in stunning 8-bit graphics.

Shame we'll never be able to see darNES in public, but hey! At least it's more than the PlayStation TV has to offer, am I right or am I right?