It’s finally happening. After what seems like an entire geological era, I am writing about Watch_Dogs‘ launch trailer. Granted, the two years it has spent in the public eye is nothing compared to a handful of infamous “long time in coming”  games like Final Fantasy XIII, but this one just seems so much longer because of all the chatter and hype that has been surrounding it since day one.

Seriously, how much has been said about this game over the two years? A huge announcement trailer making it the poster child for next-gen consoles, delays, constant rumors of cancellation, graphical controversies, two appearances at E3, competition with Grand Theft Auto V, and record breaking pre-orders for Ubisoft? We’ve seen so much Watch_Dogs over the last two years that I feel like I’ve already experienced the entire game.

This launch trailer would be impressive if I hadn’t already seen most everything it shows. I was already convinced I would someday buy the game, but not right off the bat. My mind is still set on holding off for whenever I cave in and decide to buy a PlayStation 4. I don’t want to play a dumbed down version on the PlayStation 3, and even though Ubisoft says it plays and looks just as good on older hardware, I don’t believe them.

Still, the hype is finally over and Watch_Dogs is just a few short days away from release on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The Wii U version will be released shortly afterwards. Will you be exploring the connected city of Chicago from day one, or are you holding out like me?

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