Watch_Dogs - 4

Usually when a dog takes a leak, it does so on a street light or a mailbox. When a Watch Dog leaks though, it does so on LinkedIn. Ubisoft employee Julien Risse has a nice little surprise for anyone who happens to wander in to his profile.

Watch Dogs 2 leak

Hey wait a minute. Watch Dogs 2 isn’t real and hasn’t been confirmed yet! Oops. Treat this as a rumor for now. Plenty of developers have listed high profile unnanounced sequels on their LinkedIn accounts, and some have gone on to be real and some haven’t.

Ubisoft already has a bit of an uphill battle at E3 this year in trying to erase everyone’s memory of Assassin’s Creed Unity’s debacle of a launch. Do you think the company wants to refresh our memories of Watch Dogs’ unimpressive critical reception as well?

I’d play it safe and wait a year. Nobody wants to seem like they’re rushing anymore when it comes to AAA games. Fast releases means bugs, shoddy graphics, and lackluster ideas. Again, this is just a rumor until Ubisoft confirms it, but do you think Watch Dogs 2 will turn up at E3 this year?