Well then, consider this a public service warning. Ever one to push the boundaries of game design and content, Ubisoft went ahead and rendered full frontal nudity and genitalia in Watch Dogs 2. Naturally, it’s covered up by clothing most of the time, which is quite standard for video games and normal society.

However, the occasional wardrobe malfunction will accidentally reveal a little too much, and these instances are what’s causing a few players to get banned from PlayStation Network. You see, the PlayStation 4 allows for screenshots to be easily shared with the press of a button. Just as Adam, a guy on NeoGAF, who is unable to access his PlayStation account this week because he shared one of these offending in-game screenshots.

On Sunday evening I accidentally blew up a few women in a back alley with a gas pipe and then I saw *it*.

I took a picture of this funny oversight with the ingame camera and shared it on twitter for my friends to see and I posted it in one of the Watch Dogs early release threads on here. Cut to tonight where I can’t access any services while playing the game and then when I tried to sign in there was a very brief message about my account being suspended.

Polygon followed up on Adam’s story, and he says he was only interested in pointing out the oversight to friends, thinking it was “kind of humorous at the time because I work in QA and assumed one of my own had let this slip,” but “it turns out there’s a lot of nudity in [Watch Dogs 2].”

Sony didn’t approve of the screenshot and banned his account. They sent this statement to his email address.

We’re writing to inform you that your Sony Entertainment Network account has been temporarily suspended.

We’ve made this decision based on your online activity in Live from PlayStation on 14-11-2016.

Content of an adult or sexual nature is against our Code of Conduct.

The suspension will last 1 week and will be lifted on 21-11-2016. You won’t be able to access online multiplayer, PlayStation Store and other network features until the suspension is over.

We take the decision to suspend an account very seriously, and we only do so after one of our moderators has carefully analysed the situation. PlayStation Support therefore cannot overturn this moderation decision.

We ask all our players to act decently, respectfully and with consideration for us and other players while using PlayStation Network. To make sure you understand the behaviour we expect from our community, please review the Code of Conduct here before returning to PlayStation Network. Please be aware that any further breaches of the Code of Conduct may result in a longer suspension or even a permanent ban.

But… it’s an in-game screenshot…

I can get where Sony is coming from, not wanting to advertise the fact that it allowed full-frontal nudity and perfectly rendered genitalia in a video game, but that’s exactly what happened. The ESRB addressed it in the game’s rating, so it’s not like this should be a shock.

The game contains some sexual material: a man selling child pornography over the phone (no sexual acts or nudity depicted); a strip club depicting pole dancers and topless women; brief instances of male and female full-frontal nudity (e.g., a woman in body paint; a man standing with a woman outdoors).

Sony’s own code of conduct bans posting “sexually offensive” content.

Make sure your Online ID, messages, forum posts, user generated content or any other form of communication are not offensive to others: do not post anything that is defamatory (making an untrue statement that may be damaging to the person concerned) or racially, ethnically, religiously or sexually offensive.

So, who to blame? He shared a “sexually offensive” screenshot, but it’s content in a video game that Ubisoft and Sony gave the greenlight to on the PlayStation 4. This isn’t an exploitable bug or something that people have to go out of their way to break the game for either. Anybody can see this. Sony and Ubisoft should have realized the second that it was programmed into the game that someone would find it, share it, and game over man, everyone is going to start looking for it.

Oversight to the max on this one. Just don’t do it, and you’ll be fine.