Watch_Dogs 2 might look a whole lot prettier than its predecessor on the PC platform. Ubisoft has confirmed that the sequel, which the world hasn’t seen just yet, will support DirectX 12.

The word comes from Ubisoft at a recent AMD event during GDC. This was reported on by The Country Caller, and they indicate that Ubisoft intends to “highly optimize” Watch_Dogs 2 for play on AMD-powered machines.

Ubisoft didn’t talk about the improvements they’d be making thanks to DX12, simply that the sequel will make use of the tech.

Watch_Dogs 2‘s release is still a ways off, but the word is that we’ll see it debut at E3 this year. It could very well release this holiday, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ubisoft waits until early 2017 to drop its next massive title.