Ever since signing up to work with Double Fine during the Kickstarter run of what would eventually become Broken Age, 2 Player Productions has produced some really awesome video content with the developing studio. Its recent DEVS PLAY series is no different, as it films Double Finers taking on stuff like EarthboundDoomThe Legend of Zelda and more.

In the final episode of the six part series, 2 Player Productions had Stephen "SMK" Kiazyk, a speedrunner, play Pyschonauts in front of Tim Schafer and a group of developers behind the cult-classic game. SMK pretty much breaks Psychonauts in front of the devs, and their reactions are fantastic.

If I'm being completely and totally honest here, I did find this whole thing to be a touch annoying. That might even be part of why I really like the video so darn much. This guy is breaking Psychonauts in front of the people that made it. That's inherently compelling. He does so while being a touch rude to the devs, and I found that a little off-putting.

Hey, what do I know? He was in a really, really odd situation, and I guarantee his nerves got the better of him several times. I'd probably be even more awkward.

I digress. The whole video is fascinating. The Double Fine team exudes confidence and friendliness, and SMK seems like someone who genuinely loves exploring games in completely unique ways. I can dig all that.

What do you think of the whole deal?